Transcripts – What you need to know!

What Is Required Of Your College Transcripts
When You Apply For A FS Job?

If you apply for Forest Service jobs, some will require a transcript and some will not. For those positions that don’t require it, you can and should provide a transcript with your application if you have attended college. Your college courses can help you ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position and can also help you be more competitive too.

For those jobs requiring a college degree, a transcript will need to be attached and included in your application. An unofficial copy is sufficient with the application; however, if you are selected for a job, an official college transcript will be required prior to appointment. We require the name of the school on the transcripts. This in order for us to verify your course work was completed at an accredited academic institution.

But Here’s The Big News!
Colleges & Students Need To Understand This!

Transcripts MUST include the student’s full name, name of the school, current GPA/academic standing, past and current coursework, and degree program. If your school does not provide transcripts or the transcripts does not provide all the necessary information listed above, you should include additional academic documentation from the school that meets the requirements above. This additional documentation may include: a letter from the school’s registrar’s office or official enrollment verification.

If your transcript doesn’t include all that is listed above, your name/application will be dropped from consideration. You will not be provided a chance to correct this.

Aren’t you glad to learn this now? Planning ahead is the key. If you have any other questions regarding transcripts or anything related to jobs with the Forest Service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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