Today & Tomorrow Last Days To Apply For Summer Jobs

Region 1 started advertising our summer temporary positions on on February 16th.  The advertisements will close on February 22nd at midnight EST.  These positions will include work in: administration, range management, timber, botany, wildlife, fisheries, archeology, engineering, weeds, recreation, and more. 
Here are some additional resources you may find valuable as you apply for these summer positions:

Check out our new blog/website at:  This is where you can find “Tips – How to Get a Forest Service Job” and “Top 10 Resume Building Tips For Forest Service Jobs”.  And, you are welcome to view our webinar on “How To Get A Forest Service Job”.
If you applied to fire and trails positions during the advertisement period of January 4-10th, please know we are now beginning the process of filling these positions and selecting from those candidates who applied.
Please let me know if you have any further questions by replying to this email.
More Summer Positions To Soon Be Advertised!

The Rocky Mountain Research Station anticipates filling up to twelve (12) GS-462-5 and GS-462-6 at a variety of locations to support the Forest Inventory and Analysis Data Collection Team.  We expect the positions to be advertised in early March 2017.  For more information about these positions see:

For the GS-5 Positions:

For the GS-6 Positions:


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