Permanent Jobs

There’s so much you can do in a Forest Service career! 

Our extraordinary diversity of occupations and locations makes it easy to find a position to suit your talents. There are many opportunities and duties within the Forest Service.

Working For The Great Outdoors



The Forest Service employs over 30,000 people to serve in a variety of careers including professional, technical, and administrative positions on the front lines of conservation and resource management.

While most of our employees work outdoors in national forests and grasslands, many perform their professional duties in offices and research laboratories nationwide.

Managing highly diverse lands and watersheds for the American people provides career challenges that let you apply your skills and interests in work of national importance. Working as a team to meet the direction of Congress, the Forest Service contributes directly to the health and well-being of forests and rangeland, wildlife and fisheries habitat, and clean water and air. This includes everything from providing all-season recreational opportunities to applying the scientific and technical research and expertise that make the Forest Service one of the largest natural resource management research organizations in the world.

Caring For The Land And Serving People

twelveNational Forests & Grasslands belong to the American people.  The intelligent management of our national resources for the people is our mission.  In this area of growing national and global importance, Forest Service employees are ended in five primary areas of activity:

  • We protect and manage natural resources on National Forest System lands
  • We initiate an perform research in forestry, rangeland and watershed management, fish and wildlife conservation, social sciences, and forest resource utilization.
  • We provide community assistance and we cooperate with State and local government agencies, businesses, and private landowners to help protect and manage non-Federal forest and associated range and watershed lands
  • We work in partnership with many public agencies and private sector entities to improve conditions in wildland/urban interfaces and rural areas, and to prevent and fight wildfires.
  • We contribute international assistance in formulating policy and coordinating U.S. support for the protection and sound management of forest resources throughout the world.

 It’s All Happening In The Great Outdoors

Forest Service employees work in a wide range of occupations in the public forests and grasslands, with States and in international programs. Anyone who has visited a national forest has seen the results of the work we perform, but there is so much going on behind the scenes in the Forest Service every day.


  • Foresters are on the frontline of responsible land stewardship.
  • Researchers in land management, including physical and biological sciences like hydrology, silviculture, wildlife and fisheries, and much more are pursuing exciting fields of study.
  • Fire managers are planning and leading campaigns against one of the most dangerous threats to human life and public lands.
  • Public affairs professionals are optimizing interaction and cooperation with communities, landowners, and individuals.
  • Recreation specialists are ensuring that people have many ways to enjoy the public lands we manage for the Nation.
  • Teachers, social scientists, psychologists, vocational instructors, and business administrators are managing our many volunteer and human resource development programs, such as Job Corps and the Senior Community Service Employment program.
  • Experts in information technology and computer science, geographic information systems, engineering, business, finance, and a host of other occupations are supporting our agency’s mission.

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